Ella Performance Group

Musical theatre can be fun, entertaining and a thrilling experience for both participants and audiences alike. When our students perform, it can bring so many advantages to their lives. They enter a world of ‘story telling’ where they learn to relate to the feelings and actions of the characters they play. They are taught the techniques that are required to pull of ‘that star performance’ they all strive for

Learning confidence from performing

But being part of our performance group brings so many other positive changes; it triggers a new self-assurance and pride in what can be accomplished. It promotes positive change in how students relate to the world around them. Seeing students grow in confidence and ‘blossom’ after working in our classes are some of the greatest experiences we here at Ella witness

Professional standards

What is paramount to the success of our students is the discipline involved when professional standards of production are applied. Students responded to the idea that they must show up or they would not be included, that they must respect others working on the show with them. These are all lessons that can be transferred in to every day life…….

Half A Sixpence

Our last performance was the hugely successful Half A Sixpence at the Brindley Theatre on 22nd February and 23rd February at 2pm and 7pm. We played to a packed house and a delighted audience.